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Live. Laugh. Love.

That was Lauryn.


A beautiful soul. A devoted friend. A beloved daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, and niece. She loved to give and help others, and would brighten a room with her energy.

Even after her life, Lauryn continues to give. When she passed away in Seattle Hospital, she became an organ donor to those in need across the country.

The events surrounding the car accident that ended Lauryn's life have also started a powerful movement for vehicle safety. The #buckleupblue4Lauryn Inc. Campaign has encouraged many to always use their seat belts in a vehicle. A simple blue ribbon (Lauryn's favorite color) placed in a vehicle has been found in several crashes where the occupants walked away safely.

Giving after her life. Having a profound impact on loved ones and those who never met her in this life. That is Lauryn. This memorial scholarship is designed to encourage students to live, laugh and love every day. To make time for the things that are important. To tell your family you love them. To be a best friend.


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